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The Potential of People and Textiles: Preserving Domestic Production and Expanding to the World

While the textile industry is shifting its production bases overseas, our company has adhered to domestic production. The quality of our synthetic fabrics is believed to be the best in the world, but it is also true that domestic manufacturers are struggling. Aiming to pass Japanese textiles to the next generation, we have been continuously placing orders to our own and our associated factories while making capital investments in order to establish close collaborative networks. Now that the country’s risks have been highlighted in the global Covid-19 pandemic, our production background in which products are manufactured domestically and delivered to customers reliably is attracting attention.
As a textile manufacturer, we get the utmost pleasure when everyone involved in fashion is happy with our products. We believe that the accumulation of our efforts will not only help each of our employees to grow but also to improve as a company. The only thing we can do now is to keep manufacturing excellent textiles. Our mission is to deliver and popularize the excellence of domestic textiles to 7.8 billion people throughout the world. We believe in the potential of what people and textiles can create. I wish that as many hearts as possible can be happy through fashion.

Mamiko Uni, President

Clothing: Indispensable for Life—Moving toward the Future while Addressing Change

Starting with just four people in 1999, our company has now grown to about 280 employees including our group companies. Since our foundation, we have thoroughly focused on domestic textiles while building reliable relationships with associated factories in Japan. The reason we were able to expand our business performance in spite of the emergence of imported materials is that the quality of our products and supply system have received high marks from our customers.
Fashion is a part of the category of “clothing” which is one of the life essentials, along with food and housing. People cannot live without clothes; the clothes we wear are chosen with our hearts and fashion nourishes our minds. Because of this, a love for clothing and love for people are an essential part of our job.
Day-by-day, we are evolving. Never fall behind, just keep moving forward. There is no future unless we keep challenging ourselves in new ways while maintaining our pride in our domestic textiles and the happiness of our employees. We are eager to be a company that can create business together with our customers and satisfy as many people as possible.

Ryuichi Uni, Chairman