About Uni Textile

We established the brand, KOMON KOUBOU, to produce our original textiles. All of our products are made in Japan, mainly at our Hokuriku factory. Working closely together with highly-skilled factories, we manufacture textiles based on industrial concepts. We are especially proud of our world-class women’s medium- and light-weight garments, which we export to over 30 countries. Many of our products have also been adopted by international top brands. Our ample stock and efficient logistics system enable us to deliver as many products as customers want at any time.

Strength of Uni Textile

01 Made in Japan

Effort Focused on Domestic Production

Our textiles are entirely manufactured in Japan. They are produced at factories all over Japan, (some that are ours and others that are associated) primarily in the Hokuriku district, a famous production center for synthetic fabric. To enhance production capacity while reducing costs, we have actively made capital investments in our associated factories, such as installing looms and dying machines. Solid partnerships with our domestic production bases are the basis of manufacturing at Uni Textile. We have absolute confidence in the quality of our products. We are preserving the manufacture of world-class Japanese-made textiles while publicizing the appeal of these products domestically and internationally.

02 Multi-Items, Small Lot and Quick Delivery

Industrial Approach to Meet the Need

The basis of our manufacturing lies in industrial concepts. Fully operating production lines and ongoing production lead to the stable quality of our textiles. By manufacturing while keeping in mind the economical lot, high efficiency and low costs can be simultaneously ensured. In order to satisfy diversifying needs, we have approximately 35,000 lineups for our products. By cooperating with our associated factories in Japan for the processing of fabric, such as dying and printing, we can deal with small-lot manufacturing and quick delivery. “Create by ourselves and sell by ourselves.” Uni Textile’s manufacturing is characterized by the SPA (specialty store retailers of private label apparel) in the textile field.

03 Ample Stock and Efficient Logistics System

Super Quick Response

Another strength of Uni Textile is our rapid response to customer orders. Partnerships with leading warehouse businesses have allowed us to establish a logistics system capable of same-day shipping at earliest. We have about 35,000 textile items in stock. We are proud of our capacity to respond to about 1,400 orders on average, and up to 2,000 orders a day. In addition, we keep about 600 items of “Prepared For Printing (PFP) fabric” which can be shipped immediately after processing, allowing a shorter delivery time. We can contribute to the reduction of our customers’ lead time through our “super QR (quick response)” which is possible only by keeping unprocessed fabrics at hand.

Order Flow

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Uni Textile’s Belief

  • Treasuring
    Our Relations
    with People

    Now that we have moved beyond the idea of “whatever is produced will sell,” the most valuable thing is added value. As this is a value that only people can produce, we cherish our communication with our customers and production bases.

  • Challenging with
    Young Sensitivity

    Pursuing the feeling of the young is indispensable for keeping up with ever-changing fashions. We constantly challenge ourselves to create something new with fresh ideas not bound by stereotypes.

  • Bringing

    Our domestic textiles are products that can compete with those anywhere in the world. In particular, synthetic fabrics, the strong point of Uni Textile, are made using the highest technology and quality in the world. We convey the appeal of Uni fabrics to 7.8 billion people in the world.



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